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Consultations - Client Feedback

"Having spent more than 30 years suffering from digestive problems, food sensitivities and various other health issues without my GP being unable to diagnose a problem I decided to seek the advice of Zoe and have never looked back. Zoe has literally changed my life, she is knowledgeable about so many things you just would not believe were linked to nutrition and with her help, support and encouragement I have a diet that excludes all of the things she has identified that I am sensitive to and I feel nourished as a result. Zoe is more than just a nutritionist she has offered a huge amount of support for me and my family and has also identified a genetic condition that my son and I both have which has meant that we have required a tailored diet and supplement programme to support this. I have recommended Zoe to my friends, my family and my work colleagues all of whom are 100% satisfied with the life changing support and advice she has provided them with. Zoe has done all of the things that no other expert has ever been able to do for me and as a result I have been symptom free for almost a year now and my son is also getting the same fantastic support that I have received, I only wish I met her sooner."

Jade, Bristol.

"Coming to see Zoe has literally put my life back on track. I could not recommend her practice highly enough. She is understanding, friendly and has successfully solved my problems with a very pragmatic approach. I am now well on the way to being fully fit and have Zoe to thank for it 10/10".

Tom, Bristol.

"It was my physio who referred me to Zoe when neither he nor my GP could discover the cause of my sore joints. Zoe's careful and thorough questioning encouraged me to tell her about other symptoms I had struggled with for years such as itchy eyes and frequent indigestion. It was such a relief to talk to someone who wanted to know the whole picture. Over the last few months, Zoe has guided and encouraged me through a programme of dietary change, diagnostic tests and supplements which has resulted in my now being symptom-free. I am feeling better than I have done for years and love my new diet."

Laura, Bristol.

"Zoe thanks very much for your help over the last few months. Yesterday I ran in a 10 mile off-road race, before you helped me change my diet there was no way I could have run that far without stomach problems, particularly off-road. Having been able to train so much more easily and fuel my training properly has made this year's off season much more fun and I'm looking forward to a Triathlon season much better trained and 4kgs lighter, even though I've eaten more than ever before. Thanks again."

Paul, Bristol.

"I cannot thank Zoe enough for her support. With her kindness, proficiency, dietary advice and great recipe ideas, I have finally been able to return to having a healthy relationship with food, get excited about eating again and manage symptoms of fatigue, irritable bowel and lack of concentration, which are almost non-existing now leaving me feeling as energised as I always knew I should! I almost instantly felt improvement in both my physical and emotional wellbeing in a manner that I know is set to support me for years to come. Thank you!"

Helen, Bournemouth.

"Before I met Zoe I had suffered with chronic psoriasis since the age of 13 and I had problems with my ears all my life which meant I had reoccurring ear infections, wax problems and they would often block up. It was so refreshing to have someone see me as individual and explain what some of my symptoms could mean after years of steroid creams and antibiotics which were starting to not work. Zoe then arranged various tests and I was fascinated at what we discovered and can't thank her enough, as not only do I no longer have any psoriasis, but my ears are 70% of the way there to being symptom-free, my energy and sport performance have massively improved, and my work stamina is beyond what I could imagine I could achieve."

Chris, Bristol.

"Zoe made me think differently about my entire approach to food and nutrition straight away. Her positive, informed and constructive approach without doubt contributed to overcoming my PCOS and becoming pregnant with my daughter. Zoe also generously continued to offer support and guidance long after my initial appointment".

Julia, Bristol.

"It has been really easy to stick to a food plan and i'm really enjoying it. Also seen some good results in my performance, been getting some new PBs, so really happy, getting a little closer to where I want to be".

Ross, Bristol.

"Zoe has been instrumental in helping me to find out the cause of some GI issues & eliminating potential triggers from my diet - providing me with realistic & tasty alternatives! Zoe is excellent in her explanations, and has ensured that I have thoroughly understood the reasoning behind all advice. As well as helping me to address the initial problem I approached her with, Zoe has continued to give recommendations for some other issues and has even gone to the extent of writing to my GP to recommend particular tests. I know that without this I would have struggled to get consent for the tests from my GP! I now feel that I have a better understanding of my diet - both in terms of health as well as assisting with my hectic training regime. Thank you Zoe".

Laura, Essex.

"I first came to see Zoe in a state of near desperation, as my medical doctors were unable to sufficiently diagnose the cause of a range of ongoing, debilitating health symptoms. I'm so pleased that I did! From the outset, Zoe's vast knowledge and desire to help me were clearly evident, and following a thorough consultation, she recommended a number of targeted tests that might help get clarity on what was really going on. Very quickly we had strong answers to questions I'd been asking for years - and armed with that insight, Zoe and I worked together to start taking small yet targeted steps towards my inner healing. Only ever moving as fast as my body would allow, we eventually built up to a full, specific diet and lifestyle plan, which quickly began to show promising results! What I found most beneficial about Zoe's approach is that it's grounded in both holistic science and proven evolutionary principles, which are so incredibly relevant in today's fast-paced, 'disjointed' society. My journey to full health continues, but with Zoe's generous support and and her vast experience in helping people to heal from the inside out - I'm certain I'll succeed".

Leighton, Bristol

"I find you really caring, but professional - really person centred. I feel like you really know what you are talking about, you do it yourself and that you really take into account what the individual person needs. I am very grateful of your time. Thank you very much".

Laura, Bristol.

"My name is Carole and I am 53 years. I have been living with IBS for many years but in the last year it has become chronic and debilitating. I had two attacks of diverticulitis before Christmas which left me weak and very tired. I then decided to seek alternative help, as the doctor was prescribing me, more and more medication. Not good. I found Zoe by googling and this was the best move of my year. Zoe is compassionate and set me on the right path. After one week I am feeling much better and my tummy has calmed down quite a lot and I have more energy, hurrah plus I have lost 4lb in weight. Plus I am eating more and not less and I am enjoying cooking again".

Carole, Bristol.

"I came to see Zoe for weight loss but I also told her about some macular degeneration that the optician had picked up upon and I suspected it was caused by previously working on sites with bright industrial lighting. As a side-line to my weight loss plan she gave me some eye health supporting supplements and the next time I went back the optician she couldn't believe that she was unable to see any sign of macular degeneration. She said she has never seen it heal before. I no longer see a black dot in my vision and it must be down to Zoe's programme."

Andy, Devon

"At the first consultation, Zoe was able to identify the root of my digestive problems by analysing the types of food I was eating. This enabled her to tailor a nutritional diet that would accommodate a healthy digestive system and prevent any allergic reactions that I suffered. The change in diet was exceptionally effective and gave my immunity system a boost, as I have not fallen ill since. I also noticed that I have lost weight and this was done through a wholesome diet, which encourages a wonderful sense of well-being. The change in preparing meals was not at all difficult as I kept an open mind and was willing to achieve wellness through food. Thus I enjoyed the cooking process and the various recipes that Zoe suggested. It was not at all burdensome or unappetising as Zoe took into consideration my current meal preferences and university lifestyle. It was a joy to try different foods and overcome my distastes for vegetables like tomatoes and sweet potatoes. Overall, Zoe is a lovely and proficient nutritionist who has influenced my lifestyle in an incredible way. I am grateful and delighted to have learnt how to maintain my health by simply keeping my diet in check at an early stage in my life as I will continue to adhere to Zoe's advice".

Julianna, Bristol.

Workshops - Client Feedback

"Zoe was an excellent presenter, she was talking to groups of young swimmers aged 12-16 a difficult audience, who are more interested in swimming than learning about the correct foods to eat. She held their interest and they liked the healthy food that she showed them they could make. The presentation was aimed at each particular age group and the feedback from the girls was that they had enjoyed it, and the length of the talk was just right to hold their interest."

County Amateur Synchronised Swimming Secretary, Reading.

"Our topic for the week commencing 14th November 2011 was 'Keeping Healthy'. Zoe attended our Monday morning session. The children were able to look/feel the beautiful organic selection of fruit and vegetables counting 5 portions on their plates. Even children who were reluctant to join in at our nutritious snack time thoroughly embraced the activity by smelling, touching and describing. Thank you Zoe"

Preschool Manager, Bristol.

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